Paper Fashions Contest- The Gift of Creativity!

Hello Apples, ;)

Some of you may be familiar with the awesome fashion blog Paper Fashion. Katie Rodgers, the licensed owner of the blog, is having a contest. The prize is the same brand of watercolors ($26.99), paper ($16.99 – $62.99), a tube of paint ($12.59), AND one of her 2013 calendars ($30.00).. All of this stuff is high-end and really expensive, but she’s giving it away for FREE! FREE!!!  The prices I gave you above are discounted prices for the holiday season..

I already entered. All you have to do is go to her website and leave a comment on the post ‘The Gift of Creativity’. The comment has to be about what art means to you.. You can get more information on that her site.

By Katie Rodgers

By Katie Rodgers

This is an amazing opportunity for you budding artists out there. Go one.. Enter… You know you want to.

The Really-Excited Carmel Apple

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